Due Diligence & Advisory

Due Diligence & Advisory

The content of our advisory activity and the consequent main object of our Due Diligence is the valuation of non-performing receivables of banking, financial and utilities segments. The expertise needed to evaluate a credit is strongly related to aspects of a technical and legal nature and to practical aspects arising from having previously acted in the management of credit and in the recovery of direct debts. The experience and preparation of the individual analysts is complemented by the multi-year experience of GERI, which allowed the collection of a historian on the basis of which it was possible to elaborate algorithmic statistical models that reason for homogeneous categories and are of decisive support for the evaluation of credit.

NPL Credits and Portfolios

Immediate liquidity for your portfolio.

As a holder of a license for the recovery of credits pursuant to art. 115 TULPS and therefore authorized, pursuant to D.M. 53/2015, for the purchase of non-performing loans for the purpose of recovery, we are enabled for the purchase of receivables.We acquire problematic and / or difficult-to-pay unsecured credits, both commercial and bank-financial.The sale is normally discontinued and is anticipated by a due diligence to verify the estimated realizable value of the credit and / or the loan portfolio subject to any disposal.

All the benefits of tax deductibility.

 All the benefits of tax deductibility.

The Circular of the Revenue Agency n ° 14 / E of 4 June 2014 intervened by specifying what the Legislator has established with the Law 147/2013 (Stability Law 2014) on tax deductibility of loan losses. Reformed legislation now provides that, where there is a definite, definitive and irrevocable loss on receivables, this can be deducted in the year in which that loss occurs. The instrument of the pro-solute disposal, governed by art. 1260 c.c. And so forth, is the ideal option for obtaining a definite and definitive loss on receivables of difficult collection and obtaining the benefit of tax deductibility. 

Strong skills and professionalism acquired in more than 24 years of business, we can adequately support businesses as a pro-solute buyer of difficult debt collection. 

The completion of the transaction takes place through commercial exchange of letters (proposal and acceptance) with a certain date. The service is offered by our structure at a variable cost depending on the total amount of the portfolio being disposed of. The advantages for the creditor company are clear:     

  • Deductibility of the loss    
  • Saving on the costs of recovering court claims for loss    
  • Budget cleanup and rating improvement

Servicing of Non Performing portfolios

Our credit recovery consultants are at your disposal.


We are proposing you as a service provider for the processing of NPL credits on behalf of third parties. The processing of this particular type of credit is carried out with a first phase of telephone remittances through our call centers and a second home-based credit recovery (through our capillary distribution network across the national territory); Our goal is to maximize the recovered in a narrow time span of 6 to 12 months.   


Our strengths in recovering NPL credits:     

  • Highly skilled recruiting team with excellent trading skills    
  • Ten-year experience and millions of work done each year    
  • Ability to overcome major disputes.    
  • Massive use of integrated technology and call system and management software, developed directly by our IT and system team, which exponentially increases recovery performance by reducing recessed timings and increasing cashier's cash flows
  • Full management of recovery activity with backoffice team dedicated to the job, possibility of interfacing our management software with that of the client, possibility of developing statistics in real time for the client;
  • Visibility of our management to check the progress of recovery phases.
  • Direct handling of billboards and telephone reminder before expiration.